Skills and services:

* ADMINISTRATORS to help make phone calls, connect with donors, do internet research, figure out logistics and follow up on the details that make it all happen

* METAL WORKERS interested in building our collapsible rocket stoves, keg-pots/pressure-cookers, or who can design and build new and better gear for our operation

* people with INDUSTRIAL SEWING experience and a massive enclosed space interested in sewing the next generation of the worlds largest functional tipis, or designing totally new and better shelter systems

* CARPENTERS with shop space interested in building collapsible carts, tables, and shelves, or can design new and better gear for the operation

* BUS DRIVERS with experience driving any large vehicles who can drive busses occasionally.

* people with NONPROFIT experience who can help with accounting, bookkeeping, paperwork, fundraising, grantwriting, taxes, strategy, etc

* EXPERT ADVICE from people involved in humanitarian aid, disaster relief, water purification, international NGO’s, the legal system, the academic system, etc, who can help brainstorm the best course of action in a variety of challenging situations

We need you to ask people in your community to donate the following items, and store them at your place until we can pick them up

• diesel bus or box truck (particularly with a DT466 engine and air brakes)

• gas efficient car, a truck

• propane tanks (especially 100# tanks) adapters, hoses and burners

• dimensional lumber (2x2s 2x4s etc) plywood (⅜”) deck screws of various sizes

• a table saw and chop saw

• school bus tires

• solar panels, inverters, deep-cycle batteries.

• stainless steel tables

• high quality restaurant grade cookware (not aluminum) including: pots, pans, lids, utensils, cambros, hotel pans and wire shelves

• steel barrels of all sizes

• clean plastic barrels (the kind with a top that is entirely removable, not the kind with two little screw-on caps.)

• NSF 3/4 inch poly waterline and connectors

• 20-50 lb bags of dry food (not flour) canned tomato product (sauce, paste etc)

• rope, cord, and line of all types and lengths

• shovels, mattox/pollawskis, hatchets, saws

• scrap angle iron and one inch square tube

• new sawyer water filters

• stove stack (5’ x 6”)

• 32 foot extension ladders

• folding ladders of various height

• plastic folding tables various sizes

• a high quality propane generator 7000+ watts

• a very small quiet generator

• a restaurant grade counter-height deli fridge (propane)

• propane refrigerator

• on demand water heaters

• functional personal tents

• money:

We also need places to stage our busses and our gear throughout the year. Even an empty lot is sufficient, but access to water, electricity, a garage, or a guest cabin is even more helpful. We may be able to lease the space depending on the situation.

Thank you! Contact us at for more information.